The PISHOG Garden Site is a vacant lot adjacent to Block 8, Lot 12 Gen Lim St. where the drainage pipe of the upper part of Block 8 flows downward to General Lim St and traversing Gen Ola St in Block 10 of Soldiers Hills 2 Subdivision (SH2), Las Piñas City MM.Since the site is unoccupied and an open space from 1982 (Soldiers Hills 2 construction time of builders and contractors) to present, the area serves as dumping site of thrash of adjacent homeowners. Tersy Flores who regularly tend the thrash for disposal to the roaming garbage trucks of Las Piñas, started converting the place into a mini-forest to discourage throwers of garbage. With the support of the subdivision and encouragemen of PACIFICTECH, PISHOG was conceptualized.With this simple project of PISHOG, it is visioned to inform children, youth, women, senior citizens, homeowners and adjacent communities on urban gardening and greening efforts for sustainable, safe and healthy environment.


To be a prime mover and advocate of urban gardening as a greening effort for sustainable, safe and healthy environment


PISHOG - seeks to provide information in urban gardening to children, youth, women, senior citizens, homeowners, other citizens of communities adjacent to Soldiers Hills 2 (SH2) in Las Piñas City MM, Philippines.PISHOG collaborates with PACIFICTECH RTIC CESSE, Soldiers Hills 2 Homeowners Association Inc., Barangay Almanza LGU and National Government Offices in the training of PISHOG's gardeners and enthusiasts on urban gardening and greening skills.

Plants Of PISHOG

Mangifera indica

Mangifera indica, commonly known as mango, is a species of flowering plant in the sumac and poison ivy family Anacardiaceae. It is native to the Indian subcontinent where it is indigenous. Hundreds of cultivated varieties have been introduced to other warm regions of the world.

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Maiden's jealousy

Maiden's jealousy Tristellateia australasiae Family MalpighiaceaeA popular ornamental, plant with bright yellow flowers is commonly seen in gardens and parks.

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Bottle Palm

Hyophorbe lagenicaulis, the bottle palm or palmiste gargoulette, is a species of flowering plant in the family Arecaceae. It is native to Round Island, Mauritius

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The PACIFICTECH Initiative For Soldiers Hills 2 Organization Of Gardeners (PISHOG) Gardens Has Its Initial Plants Species Of MEDICINAL, EDIBLE And ORNAMENTAL (MEO) Plants As Follows:


1 Mango - a. Carabao mango -Mangifera indica, b. Indian mango-Mangifera indica; 2 Papaya-Carica papaya
3 Duhat- Syzygium cumini; 4 Guava-Psidium guajava; 5 Star apple-Chrysophyllum cainito; 6 Kamagong- Diospyrus blancoi; 7 Chico-Manika zapota; 8 Coconut - Cocos nucifera; 9 Banana - Musa acuminata X Musa Balbesiana a. -Cavendish cultivar b. - Latundan (Group AAB) c. - Lakatan (Group AAB) d. -Musa acuminata-señorita banana (AA Group) a. -saba musa (Group ABB) saba cultivars - Musa errans-butuan (wild errans); 10 Gabi - Colocassia indica; 11 Sili Labuyo-Capsicum frutescens; 12 Sili Haha, 13 Alugbati-Basella alba; 14 Ampalaya-Momordica charantia; 15 Luya-Zingiber officinale;16 Calamansi; Citrofortunella microcarpa, 17 Dalanghita-Citrus reticulata, 18 Pomelo-Citrus maxima, 19 Mandarin orange-Citrus deliciosa, 20 Sweet orange-Citrus sinensis, 21 Poncan-reticulata, 22 Cassava-Manihot esculenta, 23 Okra-Abelmoschus esculentus, 24 Camote-Ipomea batatas, 25 Kangkong-Ipomea aquatica, 26 Kamatis-Solanum lycopersicum, 27 Bawang-Alium sativum, 28 Squash- Cocurbita maxima
29 Lanzones - Lansium domesticum, 30 Tiesa (egg fruit canistel) - Pouteria campechiana, 31 Langka (jackfruit) - Artocarpus heterophylllus, 32 Atis (Custard apple, Sugar apple) - Annona squamosa, 33 Ube (Purple yam) - Dioscorea alata

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invasive, exotic, new species

An invasive plant species, or any invasive species, is one that arrives in a habitat it had not previously occupied

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1 Camantigue-Impatiens balsamina, 2 Tawà-Tàwa/Gatas-Gatas-Euphorbia hirta, 3 Luyang dilaw-Cocurma longa, 4 Melendres - Lagerstroemia indica, 5 Lakadbulan - Blumea balsamifera, 6 Neem tree-Azadirachta indica, 7 Oregano (Wild marjoram) - Oreganum vulgare, 8 Manzanilla - Chrysanthemum indicum, 9 Tuba-tuba - Jotropha curcas, 10 Bunga (Betel nut) - Areca catechu

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1 Bottle Palm tree-Hyophorbe lagenicaulis, 2 Christmas Palm Tree-Adonidia merrillii, 3 Travelers Palm-Ravenala madigascariensis, 4 Yellow bell - Tecoma Stans , 5 Gumamela-Hibiscus rosa-sinenses, 6 Bermuda grass-Cynodon dactylon, 7 Mangrove - Baringtonia asiaticaAND FROM BICOL 1 Pili - Canarium ovatum, 2 Igot - Syzgium polycephalum...others to arrive with the help of Dr. Jimmy T Masagca, PACIFICTECH Consultant.

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Plant Encyclopedia

Browse 1,134,000 global plant names, 94,200 detailed descriptions, and 206,700 images with an initial focus on tropical Africa

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